95th Anniversary Logo Design Competition

Meaning behind the logo for the 95th anniversary of St. Louis School

Designed by Kwok Ng Wai S4B


This logo design is inspired by the main gate of the East Wing of our school campus, which is a constituent of the Grade II historic building. It outlines a silhouette of three non-identical semi-circular balconies on the façade, following the Art Déco architectural style. It symbolizes the students’unflagging spirit to strive for the best. These three balconies that resemble the three horizontal strokes of the Chinese character ‘三’ are a good illustration of where our school is located – Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.


The bottom of the logo encompasses three constituents: 95, a wheel and a 5-colored arrow. The wheel, which represents our origin – St. Louis Industrial School, is moving forward in the direction of a five-house colorful arrow. It signifies that our students and teachers, as they strive forward, are being guided by the wheel of our emblazoned school history and rich culture of 95 years.



設計:郭梧偉 4B






Words from Supervisor

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