Mission, Vision & Value

School Mission

Our School endeavours to be a loving and caring family where young souls thrive with reason, Faith and love. We see our mission to cherish, love and assist them, the gifts from God, to pursue and live out God’s grace and resurrection.

School Vision

Our vision is to model an educative rapport fitted to the adolescents on St. John Bosco’s, Indeed the poorest, most precarious of them. This is to inculcate in our adolescents a quest for reason, a gift of piety and loving-kindness towards their friends, family, the society, the country and the world.

Value Declaration

We adhere to the following values when practising our mission:

1. To educate young people with St. John Bosco’s Preventive System of "Reason, Religion, and Loving-kindness";

2. Live out a family spirit and often accompany young people;

3. Lead young people to meet with Christ and understand the good news of the gospel;

4. Cultivate young people to respond to the call of God and undertake the mission;

5. Share responsibilities with the co-operators, and attending to their capacity building and responsibility undertaking.

School Ethos

Our School believes in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord.

His gospels cast light on our journey of life.

And it is for this guidance can a holistic development be made real and eternal life granted.

Our School believes that the Lord bestows St. John Bosco upon youths as a father and a teacher whose Preventive System underpins our pastoral ministry.