Preventive System

Preventive System in St. Louis School

Embracing the three core elements – “Loving Kindness, Reason and Religion”, has been the guiding principle that underpins the pastoral mission of our school.

Loving Kindness

St. Louis is considered the second home for most students, as evident in the fact that school gate is kept open most of the time and we strive for a harmonious teacher-student rapport. Don Bosco believes strongly in the need to create a joyful ambience on campus, emphasizing educators accompany our students as they grow.


The ideal characteristics of a true educator are rationality and sensibility.By reasoning with students as to why certain rules are enforced, it will enable them to observe these rules willingly. This kind of reasoning is in alignment with “Freedom and Self-discipline” we advocate in school.


We provide students with an opportunity to come to terms with religion, placing stress on spiritual development as well as moral, intellectual, physical, communal and aesthetic growth. Through self-reflection, we encourage students to fend off temptations and develop noble characters without being over monitored.