School Badge

School Badge
Our School badge embodies a profound philosophy though simple in design.
The white background symbolizes the purity and innocence of the students. The central red cross reminds students to adopt Jesus Christ as their mentor, and to possess love and compassion, a sense of self - sacrifice and universal service.
The letters 'S' and 'L' stand for SAINT LOUIS. The letters, in the book at the base of the cross signify the two Greek letters: A (Alpha) and W (Omega). They exhort students to pursue the truth consistently. The Latin words ' SCIENTIA ET PIETAS' at the base of the badge instruct students to pay equal emphasis to knowledge and piety.
All Aloysians should uphold and propagate the spirit the School Badge manifests, that is, to quest for knowledge, to nurture noble character and to contribute to society and country.
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