Motto, Mission, Goals

Motto, Mission, Goals
Aims of Education
We provide an education which embraces the joy of learning and stresses the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, communal and aesthetic development of students.
That students be nurtured to acquire spiritual disposition, noble character, abundant knowledge, mental and physical well-being, keen social awareness and acute aestheticism.
School Ethos
  • We, thinking that the school should be the second home to students, always keep the premises open so as to provide them with a joyful and autonomous learning environment.
  • We do not impose undue regulations on students as we count on their self-discipline and initiative.
  • We seek to foster a harmonious relationship between teachers and students. With love, our teachers inspire students; with gratitude, our students respond to teachers.
  • We lay emphasis on freedom and autonomy under which students develop an interest to learn, leading to life-long self-education. This conducive environment unleashes the potentials of students, boosting their motivation to organize activities independently.
  • We encompass religious activities in education to enrich students' spiritual temperament. We impress upon students the importance of cultivating a noble character through patient guidance and caring counseling. We promote various activities and competitions to help students nurture a strong physical constitution, a passion for life, a sense of responsibility and care for people and their belongings.