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Rose House 2016-2017

 Rose (玫瑰) is the representive flower of Red House(社), which is the flower of England 

House MastersMr. Ho Wai Leung, Lawrence(何偉良老師 )  Mr. Lai Keng Wai(黎涇渭老師)

House Captain: 5D Tse Man Nok 

House Vice-Captain:5C Wong Ho Sum 5C Yeung Hei Ning

Football Master: 4B Yick Shing Cheung

Basketball Master: 4A Ng Tse Chung 4D Cheung Chak Yu

Sports Day Master: 5D Lam Ping Fung

Swimming Gala Master: 5D Tong Chak Lam


Table Tennis Master: Yung Siu San

Badminton Master: Chan Nim Kok

Cheering Team Captain: 5D Li Shing Lai

Secretary: 5D Huang Zhangpeng

Our General Committees
F.4 Committees:
4A Ng Tsz Chung
4D Cheung Chak Yu
4B Tong cheong Shing
4B Tang Sek Tim

F.3 committees
3B Lo King Lam
3D Ip Kam Sing

F.2 committees
2B Kwok Yuk Lamm
2A Ng Ho Pang
2C Chiu Chun Him
2D Yung Siu Sang

Here is our Facebook Group: 

Our Slogan:
Who are we? Rose!

Who will win? Rose!

Who will win and strive together? Rose! Rose! Rose!