Aim & Objective
Plan & Activities
Aim & Objective
Computer Subjects   電腦科

Aim & Objective

Aims & Objectives

  1. To put in place a system and cultivate habits conducive to the advancement of academic performance
  2. To work on values education in student communities
  3. To make the 90th anniversary celebration a chance for reinforcing the Aloysian spirit


  1. To cater for learning diversity, we use eBooks by iPad at S1-S3 to replace paper textbook.
  2. A Learning website had been developed and used for many years. The objective of the website is to provide a platform for students and teachers to obtain a consistent learning and teaching materials, in particularly for S1-S3 Computer Literacy. Students can access to teaching schedule, notes, learning video, examination practice papers, and some self-learning website and materials. The web site is
  3. Curriculum of coding and STEM will be implemented in S1 to S3 starting from 2017-2018.